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Ice Breakers

Ice Breaker iOS illustration design and UI/UX.
In development.
Developer: Jason Chutko.

Jason created a game on iOS with the objective of crushing same coloured blocks. After considering design elements from similar games on Neopets, we went with 'Polar Bears and Ice Blocks' as our theme (fig.1).

Responsive image fig.1

I started out with a screen flow to visualize how the user would wayfind in the game. This was a simple game so I created a bare-bones screen flow (fig.2) based on popular games.

Responsive image fig.2

I created wireframes according to the screen flows. The orange buttons are interactive areas (fig.3, 4, 5). While doing the wireframes for the Game screen, I realized that presenting the options to 'Pause', 'Play Again' or 'Selection' in-game was unnecessary (fig.2). First, this increased the decision making during game play. Second, I thought, as a user, it would make more sense for 'Play Again' and 'Selection' to come up when the pause button was pressed. The solution to this is shown in the second wireframe where 'Play Again' and 'Selection' would come up as an overlay (fig.4). Since there is an overlay, I added a 'Play' to enter the game again. I renamed 'Play Again' to 'Restart' and 'Selection' to 'Quit' to avoid confusion.

Responsive imagefig.3 Responsive image fig.4 Responsive imagefig.5

The following images include a screenshot of the actual gameplay (fig.6), and illustration mockups (fig.7,8).

Responsive image fig.6 Responsive image fig.7 Responsive image fig.8

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