Project: Usability study on camera phone user experience

Goal: Leverage existing technical benchmarks that define the quality of smartphone cameras to ultimately fill our gap in knowledge for what a truly great mobile capture experience looks like.

Role: User Researcher


  1. External Research: Secondary research on technical benchmarkings of camera phones, looking purley at hardware specifications.
  2. Internal Research with Camera Team: For my main project at BlackBerry I was tasked to find the best camera experience on the market. It was a very broad topic so I talked to the Camera Team at BlackBerry to narrow my search. This helped me establish the camera markets and the Camera Team’s technical benchmarks. The camera nerd in me was thrilled because I was shown all the nifty equipment to test the cameras (all custom made!).
  3. Primary Research: I designed a study where each participant would test out three competitor phones and go through a series of fun tasks. I have illustrated the tasks users went through above. Each task depicted tried to capture different aspects of the user’s camera experience. For example, the sharing task assesses the ease of sharing photos.

Final Output: Competitive information on what made a good camera experience in combination with the current technical benchmarks in a summarized report to stakeholders.

Learnings: I learned how important it was to tailor my message in compelling ways to various stakeholders, such as teams of designers and engineers. By presenting the finalized data in a visual way, I was able to communicate facts in a clear manner so that the audience didn’t feel overwhelmed by numbers.